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Make Your Own Bucket List - Paperback


Description: Your personalised list of things to do before it's too late. Sure, some people dream of seeing the pyramids, owning a Ferrari, and swimming with sharks, but that doesn't mean that you do. Make Your Own Bucket List isn't just someone else's list of exciting activities, interesting people, and wonders of the world. With this book, you will follow your wildest passions, explore unforgettable destinations, and go on adventures you've never imagined - all on your own terms. By answering the 200 entertaining prompts, you will come up with personalised options for where to visit, what to do, who to see, and, most important, what risky stunts to pull before you bite the big one. When you die might not be left up to you, but with Make Your Own Bucket List what you do beforehand will be. AUTHORS: Andrew Gall is an author and advertising copywriter who has written for Huggies, Corona, Hyatt Hotels, Microsoft and T-Mobile. In 2010, his book Everything Is Better With a Gorilla was published. Matt Webb is an art director and graphic designer who has worked on design and advertising campaigns for companies including Air Tran Airways, Porsche, Corona, Coca Cola, Hilton, and Crocs.

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